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But if you don't even know where to start, I can  help you to go from blank page to a beautiful floral array to suit your taste and budget. We will look at the other elements of your wedding like your venue, colour scheme and outfits, and also your own personal taste and style outside of your wedding.


We'll talk colours, textures, scents and seasonality, and think about special memories, places or people whose influence you'd for your wedding. My ambition is always to deliver flowers that suit your personality and your taste, and make you and your guests happy.

Flowers have long been a key element of celebrating important occasions, no more so than the joyous day of marriage. Every wedding is unique and I love being a small part of the day you put together that represents you as a couple.

If you have a clear style in mind and you've decided on the flowers you want- great! I can work with you to refine the designs, perhaps bring in some seasonal influences and unusual touches if that's what you're looking for, and then bring your vision to life.

Wedding bouquet - Stem Giner
Wedding table - Stem Ginger
Spring flowers - Stem Ginger


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