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Lizzy and Rich, Rodbaston Hall

Lizzy and Rich were married on a glorious September day at Rodbaston Hall in Staffordshire. They are both lovers of nature and the outdoors and Lizzy is a keen gardener with a particular passion for growing dahlias.

From the outset I wanted to bring their love of the natural world to the wedding flowers and that was where the idea originated to create mini floral 'meadows' lining the aisle. After the ceremony these were lined up along the front of the top table for a more unusual alternative to the top table 'long and low' arrangement. It's also a great way of re-purposing which helps reduce waste and keep costs down.

I incorporated some of Lizzy's homegrown dahlias in the floral meadows, and a cute little orange cosmos she'd grown from seed (which opened its buds on the morning of the wedding) in her bouquet.

I love making buttonholes. I always do them last. They are overlooked so often but I think it's a shame as they are a little intricate microcosm of the wedding scheme, summed up in just four or five ingredients. Rich was as excited about the flowers as Lizzy was so I really wanted him and his gang to have buttonholes to be proud of.

The colours and textures I got to work with for this early-Autumn wedding were absolutely luscious and I'm so excited for more to come as the season really gets going.

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