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Ruth and Steve at the Bond Company

Cast your mind back to the August bank holiday. The one where most of the UK actually had sunshine for three days straight! Ruth and Steve struck lucky and picked the Saturday of this unusually-sunny public holiday weekend to get married at the Bond Company in Birmingham.

A palette of white and cream paired with eucalyptus was the brief, to which we then added texture with nigella seed heads, pennisetum grass flower and the odd feather.

I love this happy shot, taken by photographer Dan Catty, of Ruth seeing her husband-to-be for the first time and racing to get to him.

Thank you Ruth for sending me these lovely photos and for your kind words:

'They looked amazing! All of the flowers were beautiful, thank you... We cannot thank (and recommend!) Ellie enough. Beautiful job.'


Photos by both Dan Catty and Dave Musson Photography


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