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June: The Monthly Bloom

Quite a contrast from the soft pinks and greens of May, my garden in June is full of bright jewel tones.

Everything in this arrangement is cut from my garden. It contains annuals: sweetpeas, corncockle, cosmos, cornflowers and larkspur, a biennial foxglove, and perennials: alchemilla mollis, dahlias, spirea foliage, and anemone and blue allium bulbs.

This lovely pompom dahlia is called ‘Franz Kafka’. He’s almost too perfect to believe.

I also made some small buttonholes with some of the daintier cuttings and individual flower heads.

There’s so much in flower in June- this list isn’t exhaustive but shows a selection of the seasonal bounty that can be included in bouquets and arrangements at this time of year.

#MonthlyBloom #Frommygarden

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