17 Jul 2017

On Saturday morning I made a spur of the moment decision to re-decorate the dining room. For logistical reasons, our much-anticipated building work is a bit further off than hoped and I was so sick of living with the grubby, scuffed and tired magnolia walls we inherite...

27 May 2017

May, the month of fresh, verdant greens, hedgerows of cowparsley and foxgloves, and in the garden the short-but-sweet season of the peony, is up there as a contender for my favourite month of the year.

The full list of what's included is as follows:

Peony, roses (large c...

14 Feb 2017

I have never grown a Hellebore to the point of flowering, and I am much the worse off for it.

Three years ago, my mother in law gave me some self-hybridised garden seedlings which I planted under a small plum tree alongside spring bulbs. But of course Hellebores take a...

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